Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Last 31

Day 7 - This is a Happy Birthday for a dear friend of ours.  I hope she likes it - Happy Birthday Ms. Elaine!!

I know I am publishing out of sequence on my Last 31 days but, here is my favorite of the day.  Hope you enjoy!!  I hope to download my pics from yesterday on Thursday so, I can input Day 6 in place. 

Monday, December 5, 2011

December 5th

Today is a friend of ours birthday - so, on Friday I made a darling little card that reminds us so much of our coffee visits.  Happy Birthday, Mr. Danny!!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Last 31 - Day 4

Day 4
Here's Jay adding the final touch to our little tree on the sun porch.  This tree brings back so many good memories from our Ghost Mill Days.  There are always some great memories that come from our old store days!
And here again tweeking the lights to get it just right...

Yeah, I'm caught up with my posting!!

Last 31

Day 3
Saturday, I took the time to go shopping with my neice Shelly.  This is my sash made out of the receipt from my shopping.  A friend asked me to pick up some stuff for her and this is the result of our excursion.  To bad none of it was ours! : )

Last 31

Day 2 - Here's my very messy work table.  This is what happens when I am busy creating.  Create now clean later!

Last 31

Okay so, I am going to take a part in the Last 31.  This is where you take a picture every day of the last month of the year.  This sounds like a great way to catalog your December actually it sounds like a great way to catalog your life.  My Grandma Sharpe use to do this but, with calendars.  For every day she wrote down what she did on that day and it was a wonderful living journal of her life.  If only we could be so disciplined to actually bother doing the same thing.  So presently, I am 4 days behind.  So here it goes Day 1.
Day 1 - Here I am putting the last ornament on the tree!!