Tuesday, September 4, 2012

"Inspired by Sweethaven Homecoming"

I came across this great book called Sweethaven and then I found this great blog by Courtney Walsh and I just had to participate in the scrapbook challenge.  By the way she is giving away some great prizes to the winner.  These prizes had nothing to do with me wanting to enter the challenge.  The intense feeling that I should enter was overwhelming so, tonight I sat down and created what I call "At Peace". 

This place is Greenwich Pond.  Jay brought me here on our first date so, he could share the beauty of this special place.  About 3 years later after that first date we got married at Greenwich Pond.  This place truly makes me feel closer to God.  It is a great place to simply relax and take in all the wonderful creations God has created for us to enjoy.  It's our escape and simply our special place.

I hope you enjoy my page that was "Inspired by Sweethaven Homecoming" and my journaling - My journaling is truly new for this page.  It is a combination of doodling and have I lost my mind by journaling straight on the layout.  But, I did it, I like it and I love it!

I hope you enjoy - my page and thanks for taking the time to visit.  I do wish you would take the time and check out the books by Courtney Walsh and allow her books to inspire you! ~Please take a moment and leave a comment!

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Jackie Scott said...

A beautiful layout! And I do love the way you did the journaling as part of the design of the page. Very pretty and looks like such a relaxing place.
Thanks for comments on my surfboards.