Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Brick and Mortar

In August, I lost my grandmother that I had helped care for 14 years since returning to my own.  I felt peace knowing she was with God and felt lost not knowing what to do now.  Have you ever just felt so out of touch with reality that you weren't sure of your very next move?

For months, I have struggled with church just not feeling the same any more.  As I picked my brain about the who, what, and why to try and figure it all out - I just came up empty handed every time.  Today, watching a short video - I determined the source about my why?  Why did church just not feel the same?  Instantly I knew the answer - Because my grandma just wasn't going to be there any more.....  Her spirit yes but, never again would her body walk in and sit in her pew or her pew of choice.

Why did it take me this long to put all the pieces together?  Was it just not the time for me to understand.  If everything was explained in MY time then I would be bored and always constantly looking for the next thing to just know....Most importantly everything happens in God's timing. 

My family is responsible for my foundation of faith.  They built the foundation one brick and mortar at a time.  God took it and turned it into a mansion that can only exist in my mind but, can be seen by the love that radiates from me.

As they always said, let your light shine so, others may see Jesus in you!


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