Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Creative Side

For those of you that come to my blog to view my creative side but, haven't seen it for 2015 - please continue to come.  My New Year plan (I'm not going to use resolution - because they tend to fail) was to embrace my blog.  I love blogging and all things creative - I just found that I put other stuff first. And tend to neglect my fun side because I let life as we know it push creativity out.  I love to write, blog, and create when I should be sleeping.  Bear with me - creativity will come.  For me, it has been all about time management.

My 2015 started out with a bang as my 2014 had brought closure to many things.  I have closed the door on 2014 but, it doesn't mean I won't revisit it from time to time.

2015 is about new beginnings for me.  Recently, I have become a part of a Ministry Team that has taken us to another church.  Not to permanently move but, to help another church.  For some people they can't believe we would abandon our church.  This is not an abandonment for me this is a test.  How many people do you know that will just up right leave their church to serve another.  I consider this more of a Missionary Team where we can put our gifts, talents, and education to good use all to glorify our God.  This has been a breaking new ground experience for me.  As we get use to our routine and don't conform to change all that well.  Thank you Lord for the opportunity to get out of my comfort zone.  You see - I believe this is what happens.  I think we get comfortable and then God shakes things up a little bit so we can strive for new heights. 

We all strive for just a little bit more:  more time, creativity, off time, bible time, friend time.... what ever it is we are always striving to get more of something.

Recently, I became the WMU Director for our association.  This my friend, has also been a ground shaking experience for me.  My gosh - look at what I am responsible for but, I can't do it alone.  I have an awesome council that I work with and ladies from many other churches in our association to help with the activities that we choose to do.  Most importantly, it is important to realize that 7 years ago this would have never been me.  Today, my God has given me a voice.  One to use to glorify his name and to glorify his work.  Most importantly, God is with me to guide me and to make sure his work is done.

As I adjust to WMU director, school returning to a new session, the Ministry Team, job, and my family life just bear with me.  Here my blog will go through a renewal process as I work to make this blog work for me and everything that I do.  I need a place where I can share all things, and create my blog to work for everything. 

For today, I wish you peace and blessings for a beautiful day.  For friends in far away places that are dealing with mother nature know that others are praying for your safety and please share a comment for any prayer needs you may have that we can lift you up for prayer.  IF you will leave a comment just so I know you will wait with me as I redesign my space.  Bye for now...

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